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Academic year

The Academic Year 2016-17

Our twenty seven years of service in pursuit of excellence in education has obviously created a situation conducive to the flowering of each student’s potential in all spheres by an integral formation of all the aspects of personality through learning how to live, how to become grownup mature men and women who can follow the successful road of life.

During the staff meeting which was held on 31st May 2016, the principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara emphasized the need to focus on the vision and mission of the school. This will definitely serve as a motivation factor to all the teachers to guide and nurture the students during the forthcoming academic year.

Our teachers help the students discover their inner potential and bring about coherence of values that help bind the school as a community.

Every day is a blessing from God. To receive the abundant blessings of the Almighty, to accomplish all our endeavors during this academic year 2016-17 we dedicated ourselves at the feet of the Lord on 10.06.2016. Our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara prayed for the blessings. All the students, class rooms and the campus were blessed with holy water. The Holy Eucharistic Celebration was commemorated by Rev. Fr. Richard, Parish Priest, Divine Mercy Church, Chinthamani and Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara CM.

The Investiture Ceremony

The morning of 17th June dawned bright and clear, it was surely a very significant day for the privileged elected students of SVS, to attend this ceremony where they would officially be declared as captains. Priyadarshini of XII D and James Jayasurya of XI C were selected as School Pupil Leader and Asst. School Pupil Leader of the School. Rev. Dr. Peter Thumma, Parish Priest, Shrine of Our Lady of Light in Chennai and the Judicial Vicar of Archdiocese of Madras, Mylapore was the Chief Guest. He honoured the student council members, class monitors and assistant class monitors with bouquet, badges and flags. The student council members marched behind the band with their flags flying high and took oath to do their duties in a commendable manner. The Chief Guest delivered an inspiring message to the students emphasizing on the qualities of leadership, hardwork and commitment. This enables the students to bringforth the leadership qualities in them.

GK Master of the day To improve the basic knowledge of the students, Daily Spot Quiz was started on 9th June in which most of the students participate with great zeal and enthusiasm. Prizes are distributed on the following day to the winners.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

Education is an opportunity for students to adopt new strategies, to explore and gain insight into various disciplines and fields of knowledge. With this aim, on 22nd June,
Inauguration of Literary Association was held. Mr. Abraham Albert, Prof. Dept of English, Madras Christian College was the Chief Guest. The programme commenced with a prayer, followed by Oath taking and Agenda Reading. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering. The whole process was initiated with an action plan followed by activities which spanned the whole year. The activities included guest lectures, projects, interviews, collaborative work with schools, which were a great success with unflinching support from the
Principal, teachers and students.

Former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said “Education has two goals, one is building
capacities among the students to inquire, to
innovate, be creative and develop the qualities of moral leadership. Second is the development of a sound, moral value system”.

“The right road map to become global
citizens through education is through
Service Units.”

On 24th June a formal Inauguration of the Service Units was held. Mr. Arun Kumar
Prof. Dept of English, Madras Christian College was the Chief Guest. Presidents of all Service Units read the Agenda for the year.

The following were the events and programmes conducted through the year 2016 – 17 by the different Service Units.

¢ The booming illegal trade in wildlife products is eroding Earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and pushing the whole species towards extinction. To emphasize the importance to the student community World Environment day was observed on 5th June. Marked by
planting of saplings and an inspiring speech
by our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara.

¢ Depriving a child of education is the gravest crime of our society. To showcase the evils of child labour the JRC organized a child
labour awareness programme
on 12th June. A speech was given by S. Dhanalakshmi of XII D and the JRC volunteers displayed placards emphasizing the importance of child labour. Our Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Esthappan addressed the students and requested them to adopt the followingresolutions.

1)   Sharing their knowledge with others.

2)   To pray for the less privileged children

3)   Utilize the opportunity given and work hard.

¢ June 14th was observed as Blood
Donors day
. Every blood donor is a hero. A brief speech about the importance of blood
donation was given and placards were displayed
relating to the subject.

¢ International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS conducted AIDS Awareness Programme. The students of class IX pulled up their socks and set their hearts to create an awareness about this life threatening and
deadly disease AIDS. Awareness workshops were conducted with models and fun filled
activities on 16th June by the Red Ribbon Club.

¢ The SVS JRC Unit conducted an outreach programme for the JRC volunteers. They were taken on a trip to Egmore Museum on Saturday 25th June. The students were anxious and keenly observed the things displayed at the museum. They were also taken to Connemara Library to cultivate the reading habit.

¢ RSP Awareness Programme was conducted on 11th July 2016 at Anna Arch. Hundred RSP Cadets and four RSP co-ordinators participated. RSP Teachers training programme was held at Doveton school Purasawakkam. Our co-ordinators Mr. Carmel and Mr. Murugesan participated.

Joy is in giving to others and greater joy is to give to the under privileged. On 19th July, the SVPL organized a visit to Vinnarasi, a home for the orphaned children. Food and stationery were distributed to the inmates. On 28th August the SVPL members had organized a picnic to Dakshina Chitra as a reward for the service to humanity carried out by the SVPL members. To provide financial support to the under privileged, SVPL organised a charity drive.

“Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones to Genius.”

As the tradition of SVS, Parent Teacher Meeting for classes LKG to XII was held on various dates in June and July to discuss children’s progress at school and find solutions to academic and behavioral problems. A report booklet was creatively designed by our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara, additionally focusing on student specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and measures were initiated to generalize the level of extra-curricular skills and competencies.

To monitor the XII standard students in their future career, an orientation programme was conducted by Rev. Fr. Mahimai Prakasam on 20th August. To enlighten the parents on how to guide the students to excel in academics, a programme was conducted by Rev. Fr. Toby. These programmes were extremely helpful and would go a long way in shaping the students intellect, empowering a learned society within an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Live, Work, Create

A great event in every right SVS Intra School Cultural Event that took place on 29th and 30th July truly proved to be a platform for display of talent, grace and confidence. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. P. Wilson, Former Advocate General, Tamilnadu. A grand display of various dance forms were performed. Music, dance and fashion show events were the highlight of the day.

SV Exuberenza 2016 Annual Inter School Cultural Extravaganza arrived with a bang this year, with schools displaying great alacrity in the organisation of various events. “Exuberenza 16” as it was dubbed took place on 5th August and saw overwhelming participation from schools across the city. To add some sparkle to the programme, renowned serial and cinema artist Mr. Jeeva Ravi, was invited as Chief Guest. A mesmerizing dance was performed as part of the inaugural programme. It was a phenomenal event. The Valedictory function was held in the evening, a pleasant addition to the crowd was Mr. Naveen Kumar, Mimicry Artist of Vijay TV. He entertained the audience with his mimicry and well timed gimmicks. Prizes were then distributed to the deserving winners. SVS won the overall winner’s trophy. This will definitely be a stand out memory in the hearts of all the students who were a part of it.

“Freedom isn’t free, thanks to all who paid that price.”

We Indians very proudly celebrate India’s freedom from the British rule every year on the 15th August. SVS students celebrated this great day with flag hoisting ceremony followed by cultural events. The Chief Guest Air Commodore KNV Nair VISHISHT SEVA MEDALLIST unfurled the National flag. Prizes for the Inter School cultural competitions were distributed by him. Programme concluded with a thought provoking speech by the Chief Guest.

“The sports has connectivity in everyone’s life, it adds an element of fitness and fun at the same time.”

The 27th annual sports meet was conducted at the Loyola college ground on 14th October. Sports meet was declared open by our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara. The meet concluded with prize distribution of various events. This sports day brought back a rush of nostalgic memories as the heritage and pride of our school reached new heights.

“What do you do is a drop in the Ocean but the Ocean will be smaller by a drop if you don’t do.”

Rev Fr. Baiju Chittuparamban CM. and Rev
Fr. Biju Scaria CM. from the De Paul Education Society conducted a Seminar on values, holistic education and child abuse. The teachers were instructed to follow the guidelines formulated by the Vincentian Education Policy.

“Diversity is a one true thing we all have in common celebrated every day.”

Perunthalaivar Kamaraj’s Birthday was celebrated as Kalvi Valarchi Naal on 15th July.
A small skit was enacted in the assembly to highlight the importance of education for the younger generation.

Onam was celebrated on 29thAugust. The festive spirit of Onam was shared enthusiastically by the teachers dressed for the occasion.

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

As a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the teachers, 5th September was celebrated as Teachers day. Various programmes were organised by the students that reflected there reverence and admiration. Competitions were held where the students showed their valor against teachers. There was a grand Eucharistic celebration by Rev. Fr. Prince SJ to bless the occasion.

A moment of celebration – Patron’s day was celebrated on 23rd Sept. 2016. During the cultural programme, the life of St. Vincent was illustrated. Dance and music by students added luster to the celebration.

Diwali – Festival of Lights, was celebrated in our school on 27th October at the Assembly. Clad in the authentic South Indian attire, the girls in exquisite half-saris gave a mesmerizing dance performance on stage. The first thing that our eyes fell upon was the back drop of glittering dias and kuthuvilakus. Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara gave a brief speech about the importance of celebrating Diwali.

Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th
November, the performance by our teachers kept us hooked right from the very beginning. The group dance had us all tapping our feet to the music and the dance through. The whole programme left us both inspired and feeling a little bit closer to the teachers. There was a solemn Eucharistic celebration led by Rev.
Fr. Alphonse SDB to bless the occasion.

To celebrate the spirit of Christmas all the students participated enthusiastically in carol singing, star making and crib making competition. On 23rd December a nativity play was enacted in the assembly and gifts were distributed to the students.

Educational Tour

Travel broadens and widens one’s intellectual horizons. An educational tour was arranged for the students to Ooty. Being away from the tedium of the classroom brought in enjoyment and relaxation to the students.

Teacher’s Tour The teachers had ‘A day out’ programme to Cochin in Kerala. It was organized by the principal and they visited a number of historical places in and around Cochin. Visit to St. George Church, St. Mary’s Basillica, Jewish town and boating in backwaters refreshed their minds.

“Good better best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.”

The secret of our successful life is to discover our assets and use them to the maximum advantage. It should be our endeavor to replace or convert a weakness with an
asset to make life worthy and successful. So with the combined effort of our students, faculty and management headed by our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara we are sure to march efficiently towards success.