Under the coaching of Mr. P.K. Raja and Ms. Latha, Kung-Fu, Gymnastics and Silambam were introduced to all children of SVS. Around 70 students learn this art. St. Vincnet’s is proud of S.Bipin an ace in self defence and a black belt holder in Shaolin Buddha’s Kung-Fu. He has added new feathers to the crown of SVS by exhibiting his skill in Kung-Fu at state and national levels open championship tournaments.

Tournament Place Date & Year
All styles Martial Art Open tournament First 19-8-2001
All Martial Arts Tournament First 22-4-2001
All India level Invitational Gaju-Ryu Karate
Championship Tournament
Second 10-8-2002
7th Vimal Memorial Trophy of all Martial Group Second 10-8-2003
State Level Tournament First 23-2-2003
State Level Tournament First 25-5-2003
Kaler-Gu-Mana-Yar’s Chola martial Arts Tournament First 12-7-2003
Second 9-8-2003
All India Championship Third 17-10-2004
Ist District Championship Second 25-1-2004
State level Tournament First 15-8-2004
All India Shaolin Buddha’s King-Fu organization of India First 21-8-2005
All India Shaolin Buddha Kung-Fu Tournament Third 21-8-2005
State level Tournament Second 26-62005
State level Tournament Second 12-11-2006
Black belt in Shaolin Buddha Kung-Fu Second 24-10-2004
State level tournament Second 14-8-2004