Karate is one of the oriental forms of unarmed combat. It means “Empty hands”. Widely acclaimed both as a Sport and Martial art, which trains the mind and the body. It had its birth in Japan around 1000 years ago.

To cater to the needs of the children of this generation, Rev. Fr. Antony Netikat, the founder principal took all initiative to start Karate classes in SVS and it had its inception in 1994.

Sensei Karate Mariappan, a veteran in karate is the apt person chosen to train the children to combat the challenges of the rough and tough world. It was made a compulsory extracurricular activity for students in 2004.More than 100 students have been trained in this martial art.

Our Mile Stones

  • Lakshmi Gayatri, the proud alumna of SVS holds a 3rd degree in black belt. Later, her expertise raised her to the level of referee in Karate tournaments.
  • Vincentian Master Harihara Karpagaram is the recipient of First Dan Black belt in the 7th Inter Dojo Karate tournament.
  • Master S. Dhineshkumar obtained the III and IV places respectively in Kata and Shiai in the Indo, Nepal and Sri Lankan International Invitational Karate Competition held on 30th December 2006.
  • In the IGKA World Cup 2008 Karate Tournament our Karate Master Mr. Mariappan got II place in Black Belt Men Open Katta.
  • Master S. Dhineshkumar was awarded the Sho-Dan, a First Degree Black Belt by Tamil Nadu Okinawa Jundokan Goju-Ryu Karate -Do Association on 10-12-2008
  • Our Karate Master Mr. Mariappan obtained First Place in the Master Kata, in the India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka Invitational Karate Tournament in 2009 conducted by Perak Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate Do Federation.