Mathematics is undoubtedly a fascinating subject of study. In our everyday life, which is invaded by new scientific and technological discoveries, the scope of Mathematics has widened. Mathematics is relevant, useful and socially significant. Mathematics is a creative endeavor it’s a human activity when arise from experiences and becomes an integral part of culture and society.

Mathematics club is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of Maths. It’s also a great way to develop team work skills.

The Maths Literary Association 2017 was officially inaugurated by Dr. Jude Annie Cynthia, Asst. Professor, Department of Mathematics, St. Stella Mary’s College. She inspired the students by her captivating and intriguing speech. In order to monitor the activities of the association, office bearers from the students were elected. R. Saranya Devi of Class IX A was elected as the President and  J. Agassy Britto of class VIII B as the Secretary. Ramanujam Maths Club conducted various competitions like quiz, fun with maths, solving puzzles, speech competition. A seminar was conducted during this year on the topic “Maths Plays a major role in science”. There was also a power point presentation on the following topics which enthused the students.

  1. Latest invention or development in Maths
  2. Comparing Indian and Foreign developments in Maths
  3. Application of Maths in IT development

With the blessings of THE ALMIGHTY, members of the Ramanujam Maths Club are determined to keep up their excellence year by year to set their spirit soaring high in the sky. The subject maths definitely enlightens the mind and ignites the spark in us. So let us all develop a passion to learn mathematics and hence climb the ladder of success to reach our goals in our lives.

“Without Mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is Mathematics. Everything around you is numbers” – Shakuntala Devi

Mr. Joseph Nathan