Principal Speaks


The academic year 2016 -’17 witnesses a providential turn in Gujarat. The state level rank holder in twelfth’ standard was Mr. Varshil Shah. As it is customary to accolade the student, the state had declared to allot him a free seat in any of the esteemed institutions of whatever the professional studies he sought for. His father Mr. Jigarbhai, the income tax official, rendered full freedom to Varshil to choose of his choice. And his decision was really a stupor and electrifying. He joined the Jain monastery, underwent formation and received diksha on 8th June, 2017 on the banks of Tapi at 4:30am to become a Monk.

While the journalists asked for why he would opt for it, he said smilingly in a word “Atmosphere”. The atmosphere he relished at home was altruistic. They had daily prayers, cared for each other, used very minimum electricity to save energy, power and to protect aquatic creatures. The atmosphere of his surroundings also had the mutual respect and selfless love. These two atmospheres of his, inspired him to renounce his life for the sake of fellow human beings and universe.

Just as the turning point of Varshil, every student has two-world in him/her. The internal world which lies in one’s heart is based on values and virtues. The basement of this world is being built by ones own thinking pattern. As Buddha rightly points out what we think, we become. So one’s thinking becomes a word and a word into action, action into habit, habit into character, and character into attitude.

The external word is being determined by two components. One is, the way the student projects him/herself to the society. It might be either a bogus, imbecility or authentic. Second, how a person is oriented to acquire from the society which has both the polarizations like good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative. If both worlds are taken care perfectly then the life of the student would be gleeful, substantive, palmy and his milieu would become a better place to live for him/herself and for others.

In St Vincent’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, every student is trained to absorb both character as well as intelligence. Every student grows towards excellence in acquiring personality and luminosity. St Vincent’s justly monitors every vincentian to be a great human for oneself, family, social group and citizens of this globe.