Religious Activities


St.Vincent’s Mat.Hr.Sec.School is a catholic institution established and managed by the Fathers of the Southern Indian Province of the Congregation of the Mission, so the school maintains Christian worship in its premises. The blessing of god has been invoked on children, the staff and the management, through the morning assembly everyday.

A mass is conducted on the first Friday of every month regularly. Everyday has its own message. So special masses are conducted on significant occasions.

The staff and the children of St.Vincent’s gladly and proudly honour the principal by celebrating his birthday through a high holy mass wishing him good health and the choicest blessing of the Almighty.

As a sign of love, affection gratitude towards the teachers ,the management of the school celebrates the Teacher’s Day in a meaningful way by offering a special mass. During the Eucharistic Service, the teachers offer themselves to God invoking His special blessings to review and rededicate themselves.

Children are a real gift from God, so on Children’s Day, we come together around the altar to celebrate a holy mass to nourish our spiritual endeavour. This religious practice helps our children bloom and spread the message of God.

The birth of Christ brought joy, peace and love to the world. St.Vincent’s also remembers this great event by celebrating a grand mass to share the message of peace and joy with one another. Carols and tableau form a part of it.

A special prayer service is conducted every year for the students of X and XII before they appear for the board examination. Both the parents and the children take part in it and seek the Almighty’s blessings to fill them with wisdom and health to face the examination confidently.