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Road Safety Patrol-RSP

“Road safety is a state of mind. Accident is an absence of mind.”

With the purpose of inculcating traffic discipline among school children and to sensitise them regarding road safety, the Road Safety Patrol (RSP) Scheme is introduced in all schools.

In SVS, Road Safety Patrol was inaugurated on 24th of June 2016. 150 RSP Cadets participated in the inauguration programme with Mr. Carmel as its co-ordinator.

This scheme trains students to regulate traffic near schools, under the guidance of our school staff. This helps them to understand traffic rules better and to share their knowledge with fellow students. The students who are a part of this RSP Unit develop important qualities and personal skills, including leadership and a sense of social responsibility.

As a part of this year’s programme, RSP awareness camp was organized at Anna Arch, Chennai. Nearly 100 cadets participated along with our staff Mr. Carmel, Mr. Murugesh, Mr. Selvam, Mr. Moses and Mr. Gajendran. Thiru. T. K. Rajendran IPS presided over this awareness programme.

Tamilnadu Police Traffic Warden’s Organisation inaugurated and celebrated Road Safety Patrol for the academic year 2016-17 at Bentinck Girls H.S.S. Our RSP co-ordinator, Mr. Carmel and 25 of our RSP cadets participated in this programme where Thiru. Abhay Kumar Singh IPS was invited as the Chief Guest and he addressed the cadets.

Our Co-ordinators attended the RSP Teacher’s Training Programme at Gurushree Shanthi Vijay Jain School. Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh IPS, shared his views and thoughts about RSP which helped our Co-ordinators to update their knowledge on rules and social responsibilities.

On 15th of August, Independence day celebration was held at memorial road, Chennai, in which 50 of our RSP Cadets got an opportunity to participate.

RSP annual camp was held at Yelagiri Idayam Deepam Camp Centre from 24 to 26th November. Several events were organized and our cadets participated enthusiastically and gained a sound knowledge.

Apart from these camps and programmes, RSP drill was conducted every Wednesday in our school premises. Every morning, our RSP cadets under the guidance of Mr. Carmel, regulate the traffic near our school, arrange the bicycles in order in our school premises. They also participated in various competitions conducted by other schools and won several prizes.

Before I conclude, I would like to share a few quotes which will be useful for our future.

  • Follow traffic rules, save your future
  • Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer
  • Do not use cell phone while driving.
  • Accidents bring tears, safety brings cheers
  • A little care makes accidents rare.

Once we start following the above quotes this world would be a better place to live in.