“Equipped with his five senses man explores the Universe around him,
and calls the adventure science”. – Edwin Hubble

The aim of the Spectrum Science Club is to develop a scientific attitude among the students. It also enables them to understand the scientific principles seen around them in day to day life.

The Spectrum Science Club was inaugurated on 23.06.2017 by Dr. Jude Annie Cynthia of Stella Maris College. To co-ordinate the various activities of the club Joseph Jerome. F of IX C and Keerthivasan S of VIII C were selected as the President and Secretary.

To emphasise the principle of ‘Learning by doing’ a working model competition was conducted on 27.7.2017. Students from Std. VI to XI took part in the competition. Some of the interesting models were hydraulic crane, reverse osmosis, homemade indicators, generator, motorboat etc. The competition enabled to instill scientific thinking in the students and promote creative learning.

A debate was conducted on the topic “Does technology make people lazy”. Students of Std. VIII & IX took part in the competition. The students discussed the advantages and disadvantages of technological advancement. A speech competition on the topic ‘Global Warming and Robotics was conducted for the students of Std. VI to IX.

A workshop was organized for the students of Std. IX. They were taught how to make simple working models by themselves. The students were also made to do simple science projects in the class.

By organizing these competitions the Spectrum Science Club has made science an interesting subject for the students. We thank our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara who has supported us in all our endeavours. The Spectrum Science Club will strive to develop young budding scientists for the future.


Mrs. Isabella F