St.Vincent’s Peace League



As we lose ourselves on services of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.

Education primarily points to a challenge, inviting an individual to engage in a process to create flavour and sense in one’s life.  Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living says Albert Einstein.

The vision of St. Vincent’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai challenges individuals to engage in this process creatively and imbibe this simple outlook of life through various community services in addition to the strict and rich curriculum. St. Vincent’s Peace league is one among them established in the year 2010, in order to transcend the human heart to God through exposing our God-given-talents and resources to the service of every human being whoever is in extreme need of our Samaritan’s hands and hearts.

What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and are immortal.  As a Vincentian school, we are committed to the greater glory of God and we see that the same should be manifested in the work we do and become agents of change.  Saint Vincent’s Peace League has produced an unforgettable impact among the students over the years through various community based programmes like visiting the home for the aged, helping the underprivileged, destitute children and rendering a helping hand, wherever necessary.  In the month of October we visited the mentally retarded children at Choolaimedu and distributed lunch packets.   We also distributed notes books and writing materials which were the contribution of our students to various institutions which care for the economically backward children. In the Month of November we celebrated the Grand Parents Day.  About 50 grandparents responded to our invitation and the SVPL members had a magnificent heart-warming time with them.

The members had a wonderful exposure to the nature when they visited the Nature Trails of green hills.  They also got the chance to become a farmer for few hours.   Every outing we link with fun and frolic, at the same time an opportunity to learn.  A session given by Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikara about the vision and mission of our school was an eye opener for the students and teachers to understand our founder and his contribution to the humanity.

St. Vincent an anonymous and incomparable prototype of leadership reminds us… “with God’s help you will continue to succeed in your mission and your duties, because our Lords’ work is accomplished not so much by the multitude of workers as by the fidelity of the small number whom he calls”.  Through our humble service like taking the little ones to their classrooms,  visiting the elderly in their confinement or spending little time with the mentally retarded etc., however insignificant, the members want others to feel the care and concern of our loving God in their day-to-day experience.  We want to tell them that God loves them; and these lovely moments are the shadows of his loving presence.

We are very grateful to our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara, C.M. and Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Arockia Doss, C.M., for their inspiring presence, limitless support and guidance.  We are also grateful to all the SVPL members, students as well as staff, for always maintaining the team spirit, creative ideas, generous contributions and every measure of encouragement because we are quite sure that the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourself for others.

“One beautiful diamond is worth more than a mountain of stones, and one virtuous act of acceptance and submission is better than an abundance of good works done for others” – Saint Vincent De Paul

Mrs. Geophil